Blocktrade VIP Community Members Can Secure Additional Whitelist Spots for BTEX Exclusive Round.

Blocktrade, is offering its VIP community members an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an additional Whitelist spot for the BTEX exclusive round. The Whitelist is a list of non-VIP users who can access the exclusive round through a VIP member's invitation. This is a fantastic opportunity for Blocktrade VIP community members to share their privileges with friends and family, allowing them to purchase BTEX at a discounted price of €0.10, which is 50% less than the anticipated listing price during the exclusive round.

How to send whitelist invitation? 

It's important to note that Whitelist access is only valid from May 5 to May 18 and does not grant Blocktrade VIP community membership. To request a Whitelist spot, a Blocktrade VIP community member must have already purchased €10,000 worth of BTEX during the exclusive round. The process of requesting a Whitelist spot is straightforward and takes only few minutes.

  1. The VIP member can fill out a special form

  2. Blocktrade team will respond within 24 hours 
  3. Once the request is approved, the VIP member's friend will receive a confirmation email 
  4. Whitelist member can participate in the exclusive round within 24 hours 


⚠️ Please note requests for a Whitelist spot must be submitted before May 16.

If you have any question, please reach out to