After you deposit some crypto or fiat assets to your Blocktrade account, you can use them to trade with other currencies available on our platform.  

There are several ways to trade via Blocktrade mobile app.


When you open Blocktrade mobile app, you will see Home page on the screen. In Your assets section you will be able to see all currencies in your portfolio.

If you click on any currency, you will get access to Trade section. 

There are 2 fields in this section:

  • You pay: choose the currency and the amount you want to spend;

  • You buy: choose the currency you want to buy.


Once you select the currencies, you need to type in the amount that you want to pay or buy. Then the amount of the other currency will be automatically calculated. If you agree with parameters, click Preview button. 


After you click Preview button, you will have 10 seconds to confirm your order before the conversion rate updates. Click Buy now if you are ready to conclude the purchase. 

The transaction will then be processed, which can take from a few seconds to one minute.

It's done! After the order is fulfilled, you will see the confirmation message. 


Trade is a section where you can see current EUR rates for all the coins listed on our platform. 

If you click on any coin, you will be presented with the graph showing its price change and some additional information. Besides, you will also have access to Trade section there.  

⚠️ To learn more about buying and selling cryptocurrencies, you can visit this page

If you have questions about the process, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.