Welcome to Trade section! This is the page where you can trade with different cryptocurrencies listed on our platform.  

At first, you will enter All Assets list, where you can select coins to buy or sell like on our Marketplace:

If you would like to trade cryptocurrencies with more precised desired price and volume, it is possible on our Advanced trading section. You can access it by clicking on relevant button above:

Advanced trading section has the following parts:

  • Trading pair selection

In the upper part you can select a trading pair from the list and check its highest and lowest price, last price and its change in 24 hours:

⚠️ Please, note that Advanced trading section allows to trade with certain currency pairs (not all listed on Marketplace), to preserve stable price and liquidity level.

  • Trading chart

At the chart of the selected pair you can track price changes by choosing different chart types, time frames, indicators and tools for better analytics:

Letters on the trading chart mean the following:

O: Open price

H: Highest value

L: Lowest value

C: Closing price

  • Order book 

This is the part that combines placed buy and sell orders (find more details here):

  • Trading section

This is the section, where you can place your order in two different types:

  • Market order (more details here)
  • Limit order (more details here

  • Active orders and History

Below part shows the list of all currently active orders, and additionally short list of some recently executed orders (more details in Activity section). 

⚠️ If you do not want some orders to be filled anymore, you can cancel some of them by clicking relevant button or clicking Cancel all button for all the orders. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.